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Model Search 2008  

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BIKE NIGHT USA not only prides itself in premiering motorcycle events country wide, but also is proud to officially promote the moto lifestyle that brings the ultimate cutting edge sex appeal that today's motorcycle rider and enthusiast can only dream of. Thanks to WMX Modeling (Womin X LLC) & BIKE NIGHT USA's conjoined association, can proudly announce the new model search division featured exclusively here on thanks in part to WMX Modeling.

So if you think you got what it takes to get in front of a camera, and are willing to step up and take a chance to potentially be featured here on BIKE NIGHT USA, then don't hesitate to send us your model application.

This not only could be your chance to be discovered, but also your chance to become an official WMX Model by being graced as one of the elite models featured on the premiere motorcycle modeling website over at

All possible modeling photo shoots are arranged and conducted by WMX Modeling, providing 30+ years combined professional services in award winning photography and graphic design services delivering a quality product that will leave you breathless.

Not too old and not too young; good ageÖLOL
5' 6"
Eye color
Hair color
Originally black, but usually I have lots of highlights
Favorite holiday?
Christmas is my favorite! I enjoy the Christmas Holiday season especially the Christmas carols and songs as well as spending time with family and friends. Did I mention I also love all the cute presents? Ha-ha
What's your favorite color?
Purple, blue, red; I canít pick just one....
What kind of music do you listen to?
I like R&B, hip-hop, techno
What do you find most attractive about a guy?
Of course cute looks is important to but I also care about their heart. Being a sweet guy who can take care of others feeling and who can enjoy going out with me a lot is definitely the type I usually find myself being attracted too. Also like a guy that is active and enjoys the out doors.
Are you to shy to ask someone out?
No I donít think so...but I rather them to ask me first.
What type of guys do you usually date?
I usually date a guy who is naturally athletic and physical.
What's your favorite movie?
Rush Hour series/ 007/spiderman, etc
What was the last movie you watched?
Wall-E, It was cute!
Favorite day of the year?
Jan 1st If Iím still in Japan. Having a rich wine and gorgeous meals.. I like Japanese new years culture.
Favorite TV Show?
I have only a few favorite channels to watch. 1. Food channel because I love cooking, 2. MTV. I love music! and 3. Cartoon channel to watch some