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Latin American Motorcycle Association

Latin American Motorcycle Association
Manassas, VA 20136

Year Established: 2009
The Latin American Motorcycle Association (L.A.M.A) was founded in 1977 in Chicago’s notorious Humboldt Park neighborhood. From it’s inception L.A.M.A. was intended as a Moto-Touring club with truly Democratic ideas. A lone chapter until the first chapter was started in Miami in 1995, LAMA became a National Association when the first national president was elected in 1996.

In 1999 LAMA became an International Association with chapters in Puerto Rico, Mexico, U.S.A. & Cuba. Presently LAMA has additional chapters in Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, Spain & Australia. LAMA was intended as the club of the 21st century and is a work in Progress, to be continued by the flow and ideas of new members in near and far off lands! 

LAMA is a club without borders. We have evolved into an “International Humanist Association”. We accept working people from all walks of life regardless of nationality, race, color, religion, social class, gender, age, brand of motorcycle, etc. We believe that it is more important to be human than to be Latin, Asian, black, white, etc!

LAMA is one of the most respected clubs in the world. As a LAMA member there are doors opened to you in every city where we have chapters. To know LAMA is to visit the other chapters, especially chapters in other nations.