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2 Infamous 4 Da Streets Association

2 Infamous 4 Da Streets Association
Philadelphia, PA 19149

Year Established: 2006
2 Infamous 4 Da Streets Car & Bike Club
was established on July 12, 2006. With a few years now in experience and established relationships with the community of Philadelphia, we strive to improve our ways of reaching out to those in need of support, care, and a lending hand. There is no money involved as the members of the Club are passionate about making a difference in the community not just as a hobby, but a way of life. 2 Infamous 4 Da Streets Club has been inspired to advocate for our younger generation to expand their potential in the right direction while assisting the older generation by making the world a better place. The club consists of people through out the city, who enjoy a family atmosphere, who want to have fun and are geared to having a positive impact in our communities. We are always open for new members. Besides expressing your passion for cars, we ask that our members are dedicated, reliable and get along with the other members. Please contact us for more information.