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Pirelli presents DIABLO ROSSO: the new generation of DIABLO
Pirelli presents DIABLO ROSSO: the new generation of DIABLO.

DIABLO ROSSO represents the leap forward to confirm the DIABLO is leading market position.

DIABLO ROSSO designed for
* Passionate bikers who want road performance to push their limits everywhere: from twisty roads through highways to the daily urban route;
* Bikers who consider that their bike is not only powerful but also something to be admired. Its tyres must be the perfect enhancement of not only itís performance but also itís styling;
* Fast movers looking for performance and versatility of use.

DIABLO ROSSO matches the evolution of new bikesí needs in terms of technical handling, power and speed. It handles the growing variety of applications and environments that the consumer wants to experience with ease.

DIABLO ROSSO not only fulfills the expectation created by Diablo but offers also a plus: it allows you to live your emotion.