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Jules Elliott aka

Jules Elliott
Tempe, AZ 85282
I am the Promotions and  Bike Events Manager for Two Gals Events and Promotions.
My background is Sales, Marketing, and Editorial Journalism. I left Quick Throttle Magazine as an Editorial Journalist, to work side by side with my now, ex-husband @ Renegade Classics, Phoenix, when I earned the Title of  "Miss Arizona Bike Week 2010". I am now divorced and happier than I've ever been in my career as well as personal life.

I ride a Dyna Low Rider and over the last several years, I have discovered  my true LOVE for Riding and the Biker Community in addition to a strong a passion for giving back through Fund Raising Events. My passion continues to grow with each event, therefore I am now focused on Creating and Promoting solely Bike Events, Bike Nights, and even Biker Weddings. 

Two Gals is a female owned and operated, full service Event Planning and Promotions Company. The company will put together anything from a dinner for two to a huge gala. No Event  is too small or too big!

If you are interested in planning a Charity Bike Event, Run, or need help promoting Bike Nights, I'm your Gal! Feel free to visit our website @ .

Ride safe and Make it a great day!!!